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Oct. 5-9, 2015  

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This collaborative project with Drury, Evangel, OTC and Southwest Baptist will help a local organization called Sammy’s Window, a project of the Midwest Foster Care and Adoption Association (MFCAA). Sammy’s Window provides foster and adoptive families with clothing, food, hygiene items, furniture, school supplies and baby equipment to help meet their practical needs. Because of the nature of foster care, families often are not given much notice regarding the placement of children within their care.  Sammy's Window helps alleviate those concerns by meeting the basic needs of these children. 


October 5, 3:00 pm, PSU Theater, Learn More...

By attending the MSU Fostering Futures panel discussion hosted and moderated by Nathan Ross, youth advocacy supervisor for Midwest Foster Care and Adoption Association.  Nathan works with former and current foster youth on crafting their stories and advocating for positive systemic changes within the child welfare system through a program called Youth Speak Out (YSO). A former foster youth adopted at 13 years old, Nathan began using his own personal experiences when he was 18 to help resource parents and child welfare professionals better engage and support young people who have suffered from trauma. He has spent the last eight years advocating throughout the country for a system that fights against child abuse and neglect, and looks forward to the day when all children who enter care find permanency in loving, supportive homes.

Following Nathan's presentation, members of YSO will speak about their experiences in the foster care system. The Youth Speak Out program provides a platform for youth who have experienced the foster care system as a result of abuse and neglect to come together and use their stories to make positive systemic changes in the child welfare system. Youth travel throughout Missouri advocating before child welfare professionals and legislators about the needs of kids in care. The most recent project Youth Speak Out has undertaken is getting a foster children’s bill of rights passed to maximize the healing process for children in care.

To learn more about Midwest Foster Care and Adoption Association, visit their website

How you can help...

The week of October 5-9, Missouri State will focus on collecting:

  • hygiene items (tooth brushes, tooth paste, shampoo/conditioner, hair de-tangler, ethnic hair care products feminine hygiene products)
  • non-perishable foods (canned veggies, canned fruit, mac/cheese, Raman noodles, spaghetti, spaghetti sauce, tuna)
  • school supplies
  • baby items

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Sammy's Window