Syd LiebermanSyd Lieberman is an internationally acclaimed storyteller, author and an award-winning teacher. Many of his best-loved stories deal with growing up and raising a family in Chicago. He also is well known for his original historical pieces. Lieberman has received commissions to write and perform stories for NASA; the Smithsonian Institution; Johnstown, Pa.; Historic Philadelphia; and the Van Andel Museum Center. He has taught storytelling at the Kennedy Center and Disney World. His recordings have garnered awards from ALA, Parent's Choice and Storytelling World; and the work he produced during his career as a storyteller led the National Storytelling Network to induct him into their Circle of Excellence.

Lieberman attended Harvard College and chose to continue at the Harvard Graduate School of Education on a whim. Its one-year MAT program allowed him to stay in Cambridge until Adrienne, now his wife, graduated from Radcliffe. That led to a long and happy marriage and a career as a high school English teacher. Chicago's Golden Apple Foundation for Excellence in Teaching awarded him the prestigious Golden Apple Award for his work in the classroom. Syd and Adrienne have two grown children and live in Evanston, Ill., with their overfed cat, Chester.