Deliberative Dialogue

Civic Engagement Conference Plenary Speaker-Wilding

Ms. Jen Wilding

Deliberative Dialogue

10:00- 11:30 AM

People want a voice in public issues, but are typically limited to 3 minutes at a microphone at a public hearing. Communities around the country use deliberative dialogue to get beyond the public hearing, engaging citizens in productive conversations using small groups, balanced information, and a process that helps people find common ground for action. We can talk across ideological, racial and socioeconomic boundaries, and those conversations really can help solve problems. This workshop introduces you to the process of deliberative dialogue, gives you a chance to experience deliberation, and consider how it can be applied to your community. The forum will use a guide on how to increase prosperity for all Americans. To look it over in advance:

Jen Wilding

Jen is the director of Consensus, a Kansas City based nonprofit that puts the “public” in public policy. Consensus developed the Civility Project which identifies specific, sensible process changes that increase civility when values are in conflict and the public disagrees about what should be done. She puts that knowledge to work for local communities and around the U.S.