Politics and Me: Why Should I Care?

What Issues do College Students Care About?

This question was posed to a number of Missouri State University students between 2019 and 2021.  Below are their responses (NOT listed in order of importance).

Climate change
Protection of national parks
Air and water quality
Endangered species
Food safety/GMOs

Animal rights
Effects of COVID/Global pandemic
Healthcare access
Access to reproductive care, birth control, abortion
Mental healthcare access

Medical marijuana
Sexual assault laws/sex trafficking
Treatment of protected groups (race, gender identity, age,
religion, etc.)
Diversity/equity/inclusion awareness and education
Neighborhood safety (road conditions, street lighting)

Legalization/decriminalization of recreational marijuana
Gun safety laws
Job market and the economy
Minimum wage
Tuition and student loans, loan forgiveness
Access to voting

Voting relates to ALL of these issues!