Why Vote? Because It Matters

Voting does matter!

What Topics are important to you?

environment | healthcare | tuition costs | economy 

All of these represent votable issues, and therefore, fall within the realm of politics. Original uses of the word politics included “pertaining to public affairs,” “citizens of the state,” “pertaining to public life,” and the like. This is us, as citizens of this city, and many of us as citizens of the United States.

Check out these issues that are important to your fellow Bears!

It is time to participate in your future!

The college demographic has the lowest rates of voter participation in the U.S.  
How will Generation Z vote in 2023/24 local, state and national elections?
  MSU student voting information
voting percentage graph


College students can vote at home OR school

Absentee votes count as much as in-person voting

ALL votes count - elections have been won or lost by ONE VOTE! 

Local and state level elections affect us all!


College students must vote where their parents live

Absentee votes only count in close elections

One vote doesn’t make a difference

Presidential elections are the most important