Lisa McEowen - 2016 Awardee

Lisa McEowenLibrary Associate III, Catalog Meyer Library

Lisa McEowen is recognized for her dedication to improving quality of life and fostering a greater understanding of diversity within Springfield and area communities. She serves a diverse set of interests and projects that impacts children, families, the environment and cultural heritage.

As the Ozark Greenways recent outgoing Board President, Lisa worked and continues to work to preserve the Ozarks’ natural heritage through walkable trails and street biking routes. For nearly 10 years Lisa has been active with the Scottish St. Andrews Society of Springfield, having served as both Treasurer and Chaplain to keep the memory of the Scots and Scots-Irish heritage alive in the Ozarks and across the U.S. Other organizations that benefit from Lisa’s service include the Greene County District 3 Community Emergency Response Team, the Family Violence Center and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

In 2011, Lisa’s passion for music inspired her to co-found and manage the Men’s Chorus of the Ozarks, a Springfield based choral group that celebrates and values diversity in all things. She coined their tagline: “Giving Voice to Diversity in the Ozarks” and continues to serve in various capacities to strengthen and promote diversity in our community.

For these reasons we are proud to recognize Lisa McEowen as a recipient of the 2016 Staff Excellence in Community Service Award.