Mahua Mitra

Professor, Economics Department

Dr. Mahua Mitra has volunteered for several years as a trained grief facilitator for Lost & Found. Every other week as a parents’ group facilitator, she has assisted members’ navigate the emotional grieving process of losing a loved one. She states by helping others at Lost & Found, she unexpectedly began coping through her own grief of losing a family member and therefore, provided her a new perspective on life. Her latest endeavor includes volunteering for the Good to Go Mobile Soup Kitchen, a charitable organization serving to-go meals to income challenged neighborhoods. Mahua takes on the challenge to fill the gaps where needed, whether coordinating a special event, leading fundraising efforts or taking the time to listen and hold the hand of a person in need.

For her passion, dedication and outstanding service to the community, we honor Dr. Mahua Mitra with the 2018 Faculty Excellence in Community Service Award.