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Vernon Morris

Vernon Morris is a member of the Native American Ojibwa tribe and an accomplished illustrator. His works have been featured in the series of Journey Guides, about the American southwest.

Morris has always held an interested in drawing and painting. He took art courses early in life and attended the University of Minnesota to study commercial illustration and design. He later abandoned the field of commercial art for more personal gratification with his painting. This decision opened doors for a variety of opportunities that he had never considered: visiting prehistoric sites, digging for dinosaur remains, finding ancient track ways and even scouring ancient ruins in search of petroglyphs and other forms of rock art.

These experiences led him to create a series of guides for travelers seeking sites of the American southwest. He has been involved in maintaining a pipestone quarry site for the last 15 years. He has created ceremonial pipes and other artifacts for the people of his heritage, as well as for friends who are interested in the history of the area, or just like the rock for its beauty.

Morris is in the process of retooling his interest in painting by reintroducing himself to oil painting after years of working with acrylics. He will be concentrating on subjects of nature such as deer, bison and birds, among others. He also hopes to paint places he has visited and recorded over the years.

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