Anson Elliott

Anson Elliott

Emeritus Professor of Agriculture
Missouri State University

Dr. Anson Elliott is an emeritus profess of agriculture at Missouri State University. He joined Missouri State's faculty in 1978 and served in teaching and administrative positions, including director of the Darr School of Agriculture, until his retirement in 2015. Though holding top administrative duties for many years, he considered himself a teacher, mentor and team leader, assigning himself at least three classes per year and numerous individualized studies and internships.  

Elliott tirelessly contributed to and facilitated student and faculty participation in public affairs engagement. In a response to active recruitment of outstanding high school seniors, Elliott began a leadership course for incoming freshmen, where the course's mantra is “Leadership is not royalty, it is making a difference!” He also initiated the Collegiate Farm Bureau Club associated with the largest farm organization in Missouri as a way for students to be immersed in state and national public policy issues. Through his Food Security Class, his goals have been to develop students to become responsible, informed and culturally-competent citizens who have the skills to affect change. His international travels to France, India, China, Taiwan, South Korea and Russia on food issues have been key to instilling in students how interconnected we really are.  

Among Elliott’s honors are Agriculture Educator of the Year (2014) and Missouri Agriculture Leader of the Year (2006). He earned a PhD in 1972 at the University of Missouri.