Distinction in Public Affairs Poster Session

Wednesday, April 5, 2017 11:00 AM - 1:30 PM
PSU Second Floor

The Distinction in Public Affairs program centers around the Springfield Community Focus Report, identifying areas of concern in the Springfield community. Each student poster presentation focuses on the research, development and implementation of a project created to aid in the areas of business/economic development, citizen participation, community health, early childhood, education and recreation. These projects spanned a semester in partnership with various community agencies.

Topics and Presenters

Business/Economic Development: Nomachot Adiang, Ramsey Divine, Samuel Hoskins, Brandon Johnson, Cameron O’Dell, Prabhat Shrestha, Isaiah Villarreal, Ross Hawkins (facilitator)

Citizen Participation:  Connor Aller, Dane Haugen, Haley Korn, Jeremiah LaBelle, Faith Orie-Okpew, Aleia Parker, Alex Johnson (facilitator)

Community Health: Carly Beck, Rebekah Bjorklund, Kylee Farnum, Logan Griffin, Summer Holmes, Chelsey Purcell, Kassidy Stanton, Galen Martin (facilitator)

Early Childhood:  Sarah Abraham, Alexis Jemes, Macy Hankel, Madeline Hill, Amber Robinson, Wenxi Yang, Todd Euglow (facilitator)

Education: Sadie Friedrich, Chris Klenke, Boo Koss, Asheton Mayfield, Colton Neill, Amy Ramirez, Tracey Glaessgen (facilitator)

Recreation:  Bradley Botts, Will Kopp, John Lang, Sarah Marsh, Delainey Ryan, Keegan Stanton, Andrew Whitney, Hugh Gibson (facilitator)



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