Fall 2018 Public Affairs Conference Advisory Committee

Faculty Representatives

William Boyer College of Agriculture
Christie Sudbrock College of Agriculture
Randy Dillon College of Arts & Letters
Shannon Wooden College of Arts & Letters
Sherry Cook College of Business
Courtney Pham College of Business
Kathy Gibson College of Education
Emmett Sawyer College of Education
Amanda Brodeur College of Health and Human Services
Tim Daugherty College of Health and Human Services
Micki Pulleyking College of Humanities and Public Affairs
Paul Durham College of Natural and Applied Sciences
Abbe Ehlers College of Natural and Applied Sciences
Jan Johnson Meyer Library
Lisa McEowen Meyer Library

Staff Representatives

Denise Baumann

Residence LIfe, Housing and DIning Services

Tara Benson Office of Student Engagement  
Brad Bodenhausen International Programs
Kathy Nordyke Citizenship & Service Learning
Victoria Rice Office of Student Engagement
Devin Schehrer Residence Life, Housing and Dining Services
Emily Yeap University Communications
Raeleen Ziegler Veterans Student Center

Student Representatives

Ayyasgn Mann Student Government Association
Honesty Gant   Student Activities Council  
Zach Ledbetter    
Olivia Obi Student Activities Council
Caitllin Sifuentes  
Daezia Smith Graduate Student, International Programs
Mackenzie Wegmann