Previous Constitution Day Events


  • Week long Voter Registration Drive -- distributed pocket Constitutions and voter resources
  • Cultural Corner: Election Around the World -- presentation and panel discussion
  • MSU Talks: Do We Need a Multi-Party System?  -- debate program
  • Reading of the Constitution Preamble & Bill of Rights -- presentation
  • Carillon Bells - Patriotic Medley  


  • Hosted a Missouri U.S. Naturalization Ceremony
  • Social media Constitution trivia - all week
  • Voter Registration Drive - all week
  • Distributed pocket Constitutions and voter resourses
  • Showing of documentary, "FED-UP"
  • Carillon Bells - Patriotic Medley  


  • Voter Registration Drive
  • Distribution of pocket Constitutions
  • Constitutional trivia
  • Showing of documentary, "Invisible War"
  • Day-long Civic Engagement Conference
  • Speaker Mike Dilbeck, author, presents "Courageous Leadership"
  • Hourly constitutional facts and quizzes via Facebook and Twitter
  • A Carillon Bells patriotic song recital


  • Voter Registration Drive - North Mall, Library, Craig Hall 
  • Copies of the U.S. Constitution will be handed out
  • Speaker, David R. Mercer, First Assistant Federal Defender, Western District of MO


  • Voter Registration Drive, North Mall, Library, Craig Hall
  • Constitution Day: Giving Voice Event -- designed to educate and empower the campus community as to their rights and freedoms provided to them by the U.S. Constitution.  
  • 'Giving Voice Musical Troupe -- a special performance by the student actors group
  • Distribution of pocket Constitutions


  • Mile of Quarters for Veterans
  • Constitution Day Preamble Reading


  • Constitution Trivia
  • Voter Registration Drive


  • Citizenship Fair -- Political organizations and student organizations dedicated to democracy will be represented to encourage students to get involved in the democratic process.
  • Voter Registration Drive
  • Preamble Reading -- President Nietzel will read the Preamble to the Constitution followed by a reading of the Bill of Rights by other notable members of the Missouri State community.
  • Constitution Trivia -- Could you pass the test to be a US Citizen? Come and find out with our Constitution themed trivia competition.
  • CBCO Blood Drive


  • Voter Registration Drive
  • North Mall tables from College Democrats and Republicans and Greene County party officials and other political groups 
  • MSU took part in national recitation of the Preamble of the Constitution, led by President Nietzel
  • Lecture: ‘Global Warming: The Greatest Scam in History’ with John Coleman, founder of The Weather Channel. 


  • Meyer Library Reference & Government Information Dept. displayed visuals, books and other library resources celebrating the Constitution and reminding us of our rights and obligations as citizens of our nation. 
  • Faculty Panel discussion of the US. Constitution; Political Science Dept., History Dept. and Philo Dept.
  • Public Affairs Week website listed constitution information and internet links available to students
  • Essay contest for local Boys and Girls Clubs on the Constitution, sponsored by P.A. Week student committee
  • The booklet, the United States Constitution – what is says, what it means was used with the Midwest Campus Compact Citizen-Scholar Fellows as part of their civic engagement studies (each of the M3C Scholars was given a copy)
  • Resident Halls Assistants used the U.C. constitution as bulletin board themes in selected halls during the month of September.