Panel Session

Social Change: Our Local Story

9:00-10:00 AM

Springfield is the only city in the state of Missouri that has been given the designation of being in severe fiscal distress by the federal government. Over the past several years leaders from the private, faith-based, nonprofit, charitable, education, and local government sectors have been working together to come up with a plan for addressing the root causes of poverty. This panel will discuss the three major initiatives that are currently underway in the city: 1) the Impacting Poverty Commission and Poverty Collaborative; 2) the Zone Blitz Neighborhood Revitalization Plan; and 3) the Northwest Project. Each of these initiatives involves components dealing with community and economic development, and civic engagement. 


Cora Scott:  Director of Public Information & Civic Engagement, City of Springfield

Amy Blansit:  Founder, The Fairbanks

Janet Dankert:  Executive Director, Community Partnerships of the Ozarks

Christina Ryder:  Center for Community Engagement, Missouri State University