Wendy Doyle

CEO, United WE

Wendy Doyle will be inducted into the 2021 Missouri Public Affairs Hall of Fame.

Wendy Doyle is a fearless advocate for women’s rights.

Doyle currently serves as the chief executive officer of the United WE. Here, she focuses on addressing economic issues women face, as well as improving and promoting self-sufficiency.

Through her role, she fights for policy change. Primarily, she invests her energy into gaining paid family leave and pay equity for women. By overcoming these obstacles, she envisions more successful businesswomen making meaningful change in a strong economy.

The foundation campaigns for greater female representation on community boards and commissions, thus strengthening the voices of women in the community.

Doyle also promotes the work of female entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship is in Doyle’s blood. Her grandmother was a trailblazer who opened an accounting firm in the 1940s. Doyle’s mother served as another powerful role model, eventually leading the accounting firm, too.

As Doyle grew up in Johnson County, these career-focused women inspired and empowered her to pursue her dreams. After graduating from Rockhurst University in Kansas City, she joined a public relations marketing firm.

While working there, she began to view the nonprofit world as a chance to give back while still operating in a business model. She seized the opportunity to work for the National Kidney Foundation then the Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas before taking the reins at the United WE.

As the leader of the United WE, Doyle is breaking down barriers. She’s advancing the causes of women to foster courage and bring more equality to the workforce and in local communities.