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Public Affairs Conference

April 17-20, 2007

Avenue of Flags

Rich Variety

The conference features more than 20 discussion panels, with nearly 40 speakers, musicians and artists from around the world.

Free & Open to the Public

All events are free and open to the public. No registration is necessary. Free parking.

Welcome from the Conference Chair

Dr. Ken Rutherford Two years ago, Missouri State University commemorated its centennial year. The keystone of the celebration was the inaugural Public Affairs Conference. During 2006, we hosted the second conference. Now we are grateful to host the third annual Public Affairs Conference April 17-20, themed One World, Many Voices.

The past two conferences exceeded expectations and we anticipate One World, Many Voices to be even bigger and better as a result of the support from Missouri State President Michael Nietzel, Provost Belinda McCarthy, Honorary Conference Chair Emeritus John Keiser, presenting sponsor the Springfield News-Leader and the conference’s talented team of Candace Fisk, director of the Missouri State Public Affairs Academy, Mary Ann Claypool, community relations coordinator for the Provost Office, and the more than 20 Public Affairs Conference Task Force members. We invite your participation to help ensure this success.

One World, Many Voices reflects our increasingly connected world, yet at the same time highlights a contrary worldwide trend of separation among peoples and cultures. It also reflects Missouri State’s long- range plan of taking the public affairs mission global. Over the past decade, we have done a good job implementing the public affairs mission on campus, locally and regionally. The next step in the development is exactly what we are doing with One World, Many Voices, which includes more than 35 speakers from around the globe and is representative of the world’s major religions. These elements will help provide a springboard to begin achieving this goal.

Through our program of panels, keynote sessions and special events, we welcome you to participate in the dialogue as we pursue the goal of One World, Many Voices.

Dr. Ken Rutherford
Conference Chair

Welcome from Missouri State's President

Michael T. Nietzel Welcome to Missouri State University and the third annual Public Affairs Conference.

Since having its Public Affairs mission signed into law in 1995, Missouri State University has been successful in integrating the mission into the fabric of campus life. From the curriculum to convocations to special events to living units to service learning, the campus has embraced the mission and all it stands for. Our national recognition from the Templeton Foundation and The Princeton Review speaks to the success.

Consistent with our long-range plan, we intend to apply our Public Affairs emphasis to the global society in which we live in the 21st century. In this way, we make sure that our institutional mission is relevant to the world. With its global theme, the 2007 Public Affairs Conference steers us effectively in that direction. I think you will find the program and speakers always informative, sometimes provocative and consistently inspiring.

Thank you for participating.

Dr. Michael T. Nietzel
Missouri State President

Welcome from Missouri State's Provost

Dr. Belinda McCarthy Missouri State has a mission of promoting public affairs. It is our mission to stimulate and enhance engagement, citizenship and service on the part of our students, faculty and community. We focus on the major issues impacting public life, public policy and the well being of individuals, families, communities, nations and our planet. The public affairs agenda is not simply an intellectual exchange, but one that is expected to reach to the depths of human understanding and feeling, and promote a call to action and good works.

This year we are focusing on global issues, a focus that includes many topics in need of intelligent and serious discourse. Health and economic issues, immigration and border control, conflict and violence, human rights and freedom of expression — these are some of the most significant concerns of our time The issues are rich in complexity and meaning, but also heavy with passion and zeal. Economic and cultural developments across the globe include some of the most exciting in our history; at the same time, famine, disease and genocide are ever present in various corners of the world. How we respond to these matters will shape us as individuals and as a nation.

It is our hope that your participation in this conference enhances your understanding and appreciation of some of the most challenging cultural and geopolitical issues. We welcome your participation, feedback and support of our efforts.

Dr. Belinda McCarthy
Missouri State Provost