Past Public Affairs Award Recipients


2015 Dr. Chris Barnhart  Biology
2015 Dr. Keri Franklin   Assessment; English
2015 Dr. Renee Moore  Child & Family Development - West Plains
2014 Dr. James Baumlin English
2014 Dr. Anson Elliott Darr School of Agriculture
2014 Lora Hobbs Religious Studies Department
2013  Dr. David Hays Music Department
2013 Dr. Tim Knapp Sociology & Anthropolgy Department
2013 Dr. Robert Pavlowsky Geography, Geology & Planning Department


2015 Lisa McEowen Library-Catalog Department 
2015 Isaac Balasundaram Procurement Services
2014 Dr. Herb Lunday Student Services - West Plains Campus
2014 Kathy Nordyke Office of Citizenship & Service Learning (CASL)
2013 Juan Meraz Office for Diversity and Inclusion
2013 Wes Pratt Institutional Equity and Compliance