Lakshmi Natesan

Founder and CEO
Fourcores, LLC

Traveling from India to the Netherlands to provide technological solutions to foreign companies, being one of the first women of color in her corporate job and trailblazing Information Technology in a rural Nebraskan town is just a sample of Lakshmi Natesan’s accomplishments. After over a decade of professional experience in IT leadership, she is now the founder of Fourcores, a platform geared towards providing technological solutions for businesses in the field of customer experience.

Having always been an avid learner, she received a Gold Medal and the University Top Rank Holder title in her early college years. She later graduated with an M.Phil in Statistics at the time when there were very few women in the field. In her early career, she was also a research assistant under the supervision of Dr. M. N. Murthy, Fellow of the American Statistical Association and United Nations Lecturer, Asian Statistical Institute, on publishing papers related to sampling theory. While doing research projects, she discovered the emerging technology field and decided to pursue it. This decision led her to travel from India to the Netherlands and later to the United States. As a mother of two, her dream is to motivate the new minds of tomorrow.