Pandemic Lessons: Rebuilding Relationships between Work and the Workforce

9:05 - 9:55 a.m., Wednesday, September 21, 2022
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On the heels of the pandemic, American society experienced shockwaves throughout its labor force. With a strong job market, low unemployment, and a tidal wave of job departures that economists are calling the “Great Resignation,” more than two-thirds of American companies are struggling to fill essential positions. COVID-19’s impact fundamentally changed countless workplaces and had unprecedented effects on workers. Generational differences in work attitudes and expectations may further exacerbate corporate hiring difficulties even as they empower young workers in other ways. How can demanding fields like healthcare, information technology, service, and transportation industries adapt and survive? How can workers reestablish work-life balance and personal wellness? How might collaborations between employers, institutions of higher education, and community programs respond to the changing landscape of work and ensure a resilient and skilled workforce for the future?

Panel Host: Dr. Lacy Sukovaty     Q&A Moderator: Radhika Kaula         


Associate Professor, Sociology & Labor Employment Sarah Damaske

Sarah Damaske

Associate Professor, Sociology & Labor Employment
Pennsylvania State University

Director, Human Resources Sarah Davidson

Sarah Davidson

Director, Human Resources
Roeslein & Associates

Campus Manager Brittney Hernandez-Stevenson

Brittney Hernandez-Stevenson

Campus Manager
Madisonville Community College

Founder and CEO Lakshmi Natesan

Lakshmi Natesan

Founder and CEO
Fourcores, LLC