A Roof Over Our Heads: Collaborating to Increase Affordable Housing

2:00 - 2:50 p.m., Thursday, September 22, 2022
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One of the most fundamental human needs is safe and secure housing. Adequate housing affects families and communities alike as it impacts education, law enforcement, healthcare, and economic and social opportunities. It has a direct link to an individual’s physical and mental health, access to job training, employment, childcare, and social health. Yet creating affordable housing requires monetary and political resources, can affect community culture and leaves an environmental footprint. No part of society is unaffected. Since 1965, American housing prices have increased ten times more than household income.  Zillow estimates that housing prices increased 19.5% since Sept. 2021 and experts expect another 11% increase this year.  The American and global boom in housing costs has been particularly challenging for lower-income workers, first-time homebuyers, and the unhoused.  What solutions are available to assist rent-burdened households, meet increased demand and maintain quality standards for housing? How best can government, public, private, and non-profit entities collaborate to bring about innovative, fast, and sustainable solutions?

Host:  Amanda Stadler, Missouri Dept. of Mental Health     Q&A Moderator:  Dr. Ron Malega


Professor, Financial Planning, Housing & Consumer Economics Andy Carswell

Andy Carswell

Professor, Financial Planning, Housing & Consumer Economics
University of Georgia

Chief Program Officer Parag Gupta

Parag Gupta

Chief Program Officer
Mercy Housing

Policy & Advocacy Director Sarah Owsley

Sarah Owsley

Policy & Advocacy Director
Empower Missouri

Executive Director Kristen Powers

Kristen Powers

Executive Director
Benevolence Farm