Reimagining Justice: Building Better Futures through Criminal Justice Reform

9:30 - 10:20 a.m., Thursday, September 22, 2022
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With increased awareness of faults in the American criminal justice system, from systemic bias to overcrowded prisons, has come a new surge in calls for police, prosecutorial, and penal reform. Some activists demand a new approach to crime and punishment in the United States. With issues of incarceration, recidivism, and reintegration there are well-documented disparities along race, class, and gender classifications. Reforms do seem to be necessary. What might a new and improved criminal justice system look like, and who must be involved in its design? How can citizens, agencies, governments, and institutions break through damaging stereotypes before, during, and after the criminal justice process to ensure that American “justice” is both effective and truly just? What options for formerly incarcerated people are in the best interest of our society as a whole?

Host:  Lisa McEowen     Q&A Moderator:  Dr. Jennifer LaPrade


Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice & Criminology Chelsey Narvey

Chelsey Narvey

Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice & Criminology
Sam Houston State University

Executive Director Kristen Powers

Kristen Powers

Executive Director
Benevolence Farm

Co-Founder and CEO Brandon N. Smith

Brandon N. Smith

Co-Founder and CEO
The Forestry and Fire Recruitment Program

Associate Professor, Justice Studies Jason Williams

Jason Williams

Associate Professor, Justice Studies
Montclair University