Designing for Equity and Inclusivity in School, Work, and Society

9:05 - 9:55 a.m., Wednesday, September 21, 2022
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Everyone gets by with a little help from the built environment, and technologies have further increased accessibility to the environments of work, education, living, and recreation. For many, though, accessibility continues to be inadequate. Even with accommodations, people with disabilities, neurodiversities, language barriers, economic stresses, medical conditions, family responsibilities, and other differences from the “norm” may face obstacles to their full participation in society. How can people across institutions and industries use universal design so more citizens can fully engage in daily life? How can education, performance, science, technology, community resources, and a wide variety of employers collaborate for increased equity and inclusivity?

Host:  Rachel Anthonis, MSU Student     Q&A Moderator: Dr. Lyndsey Strahan, Ozarks Tech Community College


President Alejandra Barraza

Alejandra Barraza


Founder, Creator and Executive Director Stephanie Lowe

Stephanie Lowe

Founder, Creator and Executive Director
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Senior Lecturer, English Rob Spirko

Rob Spirko

Senior Lecturer, English
The University of Tennessee Knoxville

Founder and CEO John Thomas

John Thomas

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