2020-21 Honoree - Dr. Kevin Evans

Professor, Department of Geography, Geology and Planning
College of Natural and Applied Sciences 
Dr. Evans is a two-time Provost Fellow for Public Affairs. He has obtained external funding for studies ranging from investigations of terrestrial meteorite impacts to multiple geologic mapping projects. All of these ultimately help undergraduate and graduate students become better geologists. He’s continued these efforts with geologic studies in the Great Basin of Utah and Nevada, refining models for the timing of uplift in the Ozarks, and most recently with tectonism in southwestern Jamaica.  The Jamaica study has revealed that a natural disaster, such as an earthquake and possible tsunami, impacted a pre-Columbian culture, leading to a revolution in shelter and food resources.  Dr. Evan’s research, stands out in that he is truly interested in helping the public understand the applications of his findings to improve decisions that shape communities.