Public Affairs Talks!

Public Affairs Talks! is a series of one-hour presentations that will explore the year's public affairs theme through various topics.    


Make Your Voice Heard: Be a Citizen Not a Spectator

March 5, 2020  [Thursday]
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Meyer Library, Rm. 101 (located off lobby)

There are multiple ways to contribute to the democratic process and have your voice heard throughout the year.  This nonpartisan presentation will focus on ways to educate and equip ourselves to be informed voters on election day as well as explore a variety of web and phone app digital resources to communicate with our elected officials.   

This program is co-presented by Stacey Trewatha-Bach, MSU Office of Public Affairs Support and Jessica Balisle, MSU's Ozark Public Televisions.


Previous Public Affairs Talks! presentations
Smart Phones & Mental Health
November 12, 2019  [Tuesday]
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
PSU Theater
Throughout history there are few inventions more ubiquitous than the smart phone in contemporary society. Roughly 75% of Americans and 95% of college students now own a smart phone, and those numbers are only projected to rise in coming years. The consequences of this reality are far-reaching, and several of these implications will be discussed in this presentation: technology addiction, impact on social relationships, and an exploration of social media. In addition, particular focus will be given to potential ways to move forward, in light of the research findings, as it relates to these various facets of smart phone use. The responsible question then becomes how to utilize smart phones as a benefit rather than a detriment to mental health.



Shaun Fossett is a Mental Health Clinician at Missouri State University's Counseling Center. In the past he has studied the intersection of technology and social fragmentation, and more recently the impact of smart phone usage on college student mental health. Other interest areas include incorporating best practices into his work with students, especially as it relates to trauma and multicultural sensitivity.