Public Affairs Themes and Fellows

Community Engagement | Cultural Competence | Ethical Leadership

Incorporating the 3 pillars

Each year a new public affairs theme guides various events, programming and the Public Affairs Conference.


The fellow is responsible for refining the annual public affairs theme and serving as the chair of the Public Affairs Conference. 


A committee of students, faculty, staff and community members helps develop and/or selects a theme each year from nominations submitted by the campus community.  Each theme is introduced during the fall New Student Convocation and is carried throughout the academic year.  Discussion, perspectives and programming of the theme will be viewed through the lens of three pillars of public affairs: ethical leadership, cultural competence and community engagement.


Year Theme Provost fellow/Conference chair
2023-24 Navigating the Now: Tradition, Innovation and Wisdom in a World of Change

Dr. Shannon Wooden

2022-23 From Words to Deeds: Creating Collaborative Communities Dr. Shannon Wooden
2021-22 Bridging the Divide Dr. Elizabeth Walker
2020-21 The Power of Voice Dr. Amanda Brodeur
2019-20 The 21st Century Digital World Dr. Paul Durham
2018-19 Unity in Community Dr. Kevin Evans
2017-18 Sustainability in Practice: Consensus and Consequences Dr. Michael G. Burton
2016-17 Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness: Perspective on Self-Government Dr. Kevin Pybas
2015-16 Building Healthy Communities: Body, Mind and Spirit Dr. Elizabeth Dudash-Buskirk
2014-15 The Ethical Citizen: Can You Make a Difference? Dr. Kurt Heinlein
2013-14 Global Perspective: Why it Matters Dr. Kevin Evans
2012-13 Inclusive Excellence Dr. Gilbert Brown
2011-12 Culture of Connectivity Dr. Kurt Heinlein
2010-11 Leading in a Global Society Dr. Gloria J. Galanes
2009-10 Peril and Promise Dr. Mahua Barari Mitra
2008-09 Sustainable Actions for a Sustainable Future Dr. D. Alexander Wait
2007-08 Seeking Solutions: Conflict, Violence and the Courage to Change Dr. Dianne Strickland
2006-07 One World, Many Voices Dr. Ken Rutherford
2005-06 Horizons of Citizenship N/A
2004-05 Celebrating the Intellect Dr. John Strong and Dr. Kathy Pulley