Kurt Heinlein

Associate professor, theatre and dance

The 2014-15 Provost Fellow for Public Affairs is Dr. Kurt Heinlein, associate professor of theatre and dance. He also served as the 2011-12 Provost Fellow for Public Affairs.

Heinlein is a working member of the Actors Equity Association, Screen Actor’s Guild and other professional groups. At Missouri State, he coordinates the actor-training program. He has performed and directed extensively around the U.S. and is known for his stunt and combat work.

Heinlein is a lifelong environmentalist who wrote the book “Green Theatre – Promoting Ecological Preservation and Advancing the Sustainability of Human and Nature.” The publication examines how live performance modes draw attention to environmental problems and hold the potential to incite socio-ecological change. He is also the author of “Evangeline Drowning,” a play that explores the human side of the loss of wetlands in southern Louisiana.