Staff Excellence in Public Affairs Awards

Staff Award Information

Nomination process

Nominations can be submitted by colleagues, faculty, administrators, students, alumni or community members. Letters of nomination should describe how the nominee meets the criteria and desired qualifications outlined below. Nominees from the West Plains campus are welcomed. There is no limit to how many staff nominations can be submitted for consideration.

Please email the staff nominee's name and accompanying nomination letter to the award coordinator, Office of Public Affairs Support.  

Eligibility criteria
  • Staff nominees must be current, full-time Missouri State University employees.
  • Staff nominees must have a minimum of 3 years full-time employment at the time of their nomination.
Desired qualifications
Staff recipients should be able to provide evidence of significant and meaningful involvement in support of the University’s Public Affairs mission.
Examples of significant and meaningful accomplishments include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Demonstration of active engagement with the community for a sustained period of time. Inclusion of students in this engagement is essential.
  • A successful record of inspiring and motivating students to develop the skills to become informed and culturally competent citizens who are knowledgeable about public policy issues affecting our society.
  • A sustained record of leadership involving students in the process of addressing and seeking solutions to important public policy, educational, cultural, health, economic development, or environmental issues.
  • Development of successful partnerships between students and community members and/or organizations in carrying out Public Affairs initiatives.
  • Effective leadership within the University in support of priorities and projects that demonstrate the University’s Public Affairs Mission in action.
  • Exemplification of the highest standards of citizenship, cultural competence, and ethical behavior and evidence of mentorship of students in these areas.

Nominee application packets

Each nominee will need to submit a formal application packet with the following elements:
  1. A personal letter of application from the nominee. The application letter should highlight the nominee's work and accomplishments in support of the University's public affairs mission.
  2. A minimum of 3 letters of support. Support letters should be from those who can speak to the nominee's accomplishments in public affairs. At least one of the three support letters must be from a current or recent student.
Supporting letters of reccomendation:
  • Support letters may be submitted by the nominee or sent directly from the author to the award's coordinator at

    Letters of reccomendation may be addressed to:

    • Board of Governors Excellence in Public Affairs Award

About the selection process
  • Staff applications will first be reviewed by the Office of Public Affairs Support for minimum eligibility. If there are more than eight staff applications, then a university level committee will first review all applications. As available, the university level committee will consist of the chair of the Staff Senate and one staff member each from the Divisions of Student Affairs, International Programs, and Administrative Services. Three student members will be selected by the Student Government Association to serve as well.
  • Upward to six staff applications, or as appropriate, will be forwarded to the Board of Governors Staff Selection Committee for final review and award determination. As available, this committee will consist of one previous award winner, current class of Citizen Scholar Award winners, current SGA President, Board of Governor (BOG) members from the Academic and Student Affairs committees.


February 2, 2024
Call for nominations

March 8, 2024
Nominations due

April 8, 2024
Formal applications from nominees due

April 15, 2024
All staff applications are submitted to the Board of Governors selection committee

April 29, 2024
Selection committee's results due

May 9, 2024
Recipients recognized during the Board of Governors Meeting

Award Coordinator

Please contact Stacey Trewatha-Bach with questions or needed assistance at 417-836-8832.