2021-22 Honoree - Caryn Saxon

Senior Instructor, Criminology Department
College of Humanities and Public Affairs 

In 2012, Caryn started a class for incarcerated women at the Greene County Jail guided by the belief that cycles of offending can be broken, in part, through rehabilitation, support, and education. Her goal at the jail is to help women understand how relationship violence and trauma leads to criminal behavior and to give them concrete tools and skills to aid their healing and growth. Mackenzie Hutchison writes, “I can honestly say Professor Saxon is the single most important aspect of my education at Missouri State.”  

 Ms. Saxon keeps students focused on public affairs issues by developing courses that fit relevant contemporary topics like Police Use of Force, Conflict and Stress in Criminal Justice, Restorative Justice, Inmate Justice, and the senior capstone, Diversity & Difference in Criminology.

Her department head, Dr. Brett Garland explained it best.

“She is the co-author of a monumental book on restorative justice. It’s a colossal achievement in her own right, but even more impressive given that such publications from university instructors are uncommon. It’s one of the first major publications to provide comprehensive coverage of restorative justice, and it’s the most beneficial education resource on the subject.”