2021-22 Honoree - Dr. Gary Meints

Associate Professor, Chemistry Department
College of Natural and Applied Sciences

Dr. Meints writes, “With such a short time on this planet, why not try to make it better for everyone?” The child of educators who made their own community impact in his hometown of Lincoln, Nebraska, Dr. Meints has kept that torch lit. He’s served as a member of the Bull Shoals Field Station committee, the STEM living and learning community in the residence halls and received a national advising award. Known to many schools as the local Bill Nye, Dr. Meints has connected Missouri State students to children in grades K-12 during campus visits that spark students interest in physical chemistry. His scientific demonstrations for young students and college students inspire.

Megan Westwood, a student, wrote: “The Public Affairs Conference of 2019 was the first time I heard about discussions of science within society through his session called, “Just the facts, ma’am.” Since then, Dr. Meints has provided us opportunities to discuss how we as scientists can benefit society outside of publications. It is from his influence that I, and many other students, found reasons and places to advocate scientific literacy within our lives.