2021-22 Honoree - David Hall

Director of Safety
Administrative Services Division
According to Matt Morris, Mr. Hall has navigated the campus’ response to the pandemic by establishing the campus Incident Management System and developing robust Covid-19 procedures to allow for quick and efficient action. He’s spearheaded contact tracing and created a learning experience for students in our colleges. Dr. Smith and Dr. White Minnis, dean and associate dean of the College of Health and Human Services write, “not only has Director Hall and his team developed guiding and flexible pandemic policies but he also saw an educational opportunity for students. Through his guidance, MSU students participated in community outreach activities like large-scale vaccination events and volunteer opportunities. Danielle Plutino, a student assistant in administrative services, described Mr. Halls’s acts of kindness in helping students affected by the pandemic. “While the pandemic has been our focus this year, in the past he’s improved campus safety through a campus lighting project, cameras, and bicycle theft prevention.” Patrick Seacrist, an SGA representative wrote, “Director Hall has helped students feel comfortable on campus so they can focus on their studies and becomes stewards of the public affairs mission.”