Past Community Service Award Recipients

Faculty & Staff Recipients

Faculty Listing

Year Recipient Department
2018 Dr. Mahua Mitra Economics
2018 Dr. Richard Biagioni Chemistry
2017 Barbara Caton Nursing, West Plains Campus
2017 Dr. Shurita Thomas-Tate Communication Sciences & Disorders
2016 Carol Daniel Nursing
2016 Dr. Chris Barnhart Biology
2015 Lora Hobbs Religious Studies
2015 Paula Rector Criminology & Anthropology Department
2014 Peggy Gilbert Marketing
2014 Dr. Lorene Stone Sociology 
2013 Dr. Wafaa Kaf Communication sciences and Disorders
2012 Ms. Judith Fowler Art and Design
2012 Ms. Karen Engler Communication Sciences and Disorders
2011 Dr. Suzanne George Education and Family Studies
2011 Ms. Susan Webb School of Agriculture
2010 Ms. Carmen Boyd Biomedical Sciences
2010 Dr. Emmett Sawyer Reading Foundations and Technology
2009-2010 Dr. Gloria J. Galanes Communications
2009-2010 Dr. April Michele Williams Psychology
2008-2009 Dr. David Dixon Psychology
2008-2009 Dr. Elissa Lewis Psychology
2007-2008 Dr. Bradley Fisher Psychology
2007-2008 Dr. Richard Johnson Computer Information Systems
2006-2007 Dr. Ann Branstetter Psychology
2006-2007 Dr. Billie Follensbee Art and Design
2005-2006 Abbe Ehlers Applied Consumer Sciences
2005-2006 Rita Fugate Arts and Sciences
2003-2004 Mary Ann Jennings School of Social Work
2003-2004 Dr. Ken Rutherford Political Science
2002-2003 Dr. Rhonda Ridinger Health, Physical Education and Recreation
2002-2003 Dr. Shawn Strong Industrial Management
2001-2002 Dr. Judith A. John English
2001-2001 Dr. Amy F. Muchnick Music
2000-2001 Dr. Dalen M. Duitsman Health, Physical Education and Recreation
2000-2001 Dr. Burton L. Purrington Sociology and Anthropology
1999-2000 Dr. Janice Schnake Greene Biology
1999-2000 Dr. Paula A. Kemp Mathematics
1998-1999 Dr. Katherine G. Lederer English
1998-1999 Dr. Pauline Nugent Modern and Classical Languages
1997-1998 Dr. Lyndon N. Irwin Agriculture
1997-1998 Janice Reynolds Greenwood Laboratory School
1996-1997 Edward J. DeLong Library Science
1996-1997 Dr. Richard L. Nichols School of Accountancy
1995-1996 Dr. Ruth V. Burgess Curriculum and Instruction
1995-1996 Dr. Lloyd R. Young Sociology
1994-1995 Dr. Doris W. Ewing Sociology
1994-1995 Dr. Peggy S. Pearl Consumer and Family Studies

Staff Listing

Year Recipient Department
2018 Tara Benson Student Engagement
2018 Scott Schneider Business & Support Services - West Plains
2017 Alisa Garbisch Residence Life
2017 Addie Douglas Custodial
2016 Lisa McEowen Library-Catalog Department
2016 Brian Heaton Web & New Media
2015 Dennis Erfling Facilities Management & Maintenance
2015 David Caravella Faculty Center for Teaching & Learning
2014 Jennifer Johnson English Language Institute
2014 Rachel Peterson Admissions - West Plains
2013 Anne Baker Library
2013 Tina McManus Financial Services
2012 Joe Kammerer Development - West Plains
2012 Katheryne Staeger-Wilson Disability Resource Center
2011 Rick Uffmann Taylor Health and Wellness Center
2011 Brent Dunn University Advancement
2010 Brenda Malkowski University/Community Programs-West Plains
2010 Tammy Tindle Counseling Center
2008-2009 Harry Cook Academic Advisement Center
2008-2009 Dr. Herbert Lunday Student Services - West Plains
2007-2008 Anna Brashers Center for Business and Economic Development
2007-2008 Jim Matthews Special Education Instructional Consultant
2006-2007 Kathleen Morrissey University/Community Programs - West Plains Civic Center
2006-2007 Paula Vinson Internal Audit
2005-2006 Janet Graham Sociology, Anthropology and Criminology
2005-2006 Brad Medlock Printing Services
2004-2005 Stephanie Grevillius Student Judicial Programs
2004-2005 Jean Thomas History
2003-2004 Cynthia Fiedler Academic Advisement Center
2003-2004 Dr. Jay Dee Martin Institutional Research
2002-2003 SuzAnn A. Ferguson Career Services
2002-2003 Catherine Hawkins School of Social Work
2001-2002 Clinton D. Copeland Career Services
2001-2002 Jean Ann Percy College of Business Administration
2000-2001 Dana D. Carroll University College
2000-2001 Carol B. Silvey West Plains Development
1999-2000 Mark A. Johnson Residence Life, Housing and Dining Services
1999-2000 Polly B. Laurie Communication Sciences and Disorders
1998-1999 Barbara L. Helvey Citizenship and Service Learning
1998-1999 Dr. Cecil A. Poe Printing Services
1997-1998 Deborah A. Gallion Juanita K. Hammons Hall for the Performing Arts
1997-1998 Dr. Frederick D. Muegge Taylor Health and Wellness Center
1996-1997 Dr. Ann M. Orzek Counseling and Testing
1996-1997 Tina C. Stillwell News Services
1995-1996 Charlotte C. Hardin Minority Student Services
1995-1996 Linda A. Lock Music
1994-1995 Patsy D. Corbett Center for Archeological Research
1994-1995 Mike J. Jungers Student Life and Development