Dr. Herb Lunday

Dr. Herb LundayDr. Herb Lunday is a driving force in student success as Dean of Student Services at Missouri State University-West Plains.  On staff since 1984, he has been a part of the West Plains campus and community since 1993.  Dr. Lunday strives to involve students in all that he does and feels a personal responsibility to model, mentor and engage students in the public affairs mission. 

Having championed numerous projects both on and off campus, Dr. Lunday was recently elected to chair a 13-person commission to author and publicize a Home Rule Charter for the City of West Plains.  Passed by a 78% margin during the April 2014 election, this Charter advanced the City to a modern municipality with local control.   He involved the Student Government Association to help provide additional learning experiences for interested students.  

In commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the West Plains campus, he served as the administrative leader for the Operation 50K project.  This ambitious initiative challenged students, faculty, staff and friends to perform 50,000 hours of volunteer service within the communities that have supported the campus since its establishment in 1963.  As the project concludes tomorrow, they have exceeded their goal of more than 52,200 service hours completed.  In addition, Dr. Lunday teaches IDS 110 Student Success classes and speaks to every IDS section, informing incoming freshmen of campus benefits and urging them to become actively involved in campus affairs, University initiatives and community projects. 

Dr. Lunday is well known as the person who will get things done. Whether working with local teens to create a dedicated Skate Park or creating student opportunities through Grizzly Athletics, his focus and passion for Missouri State students is evident in the creative ways he fosters citizenship, community service and campus involvement.