Dr. James Baumlin

Dr. James BaumlinDr. James Baumlin has integrated the ideals of Public Affairs into all aspects of his research, teaching and service since his arrival at Missouri State in 1989.
A distinguished professor in the English Department in the College of Arts and Letters, his leadership has connected hundreds of students to civically engaged scholarship through classroom study, archival research, community partnerships and extensive mentoring at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. 
He is a fierce supporter of CASL (Citizenship and Service-Learning) and was among the first on campus to be awarded a Service-Learning Faculty Fellowship.  He is the founder and senior editor of the English Department’s Moon City Press, an academic small press distributed nationally with the University of Arkansas Press.  Emphasizing cross discipline collaborations, Moon City Press provides real-world experience to student researchers, writers, editors, artists and graphic designers and actively engages additional departments and administrative units.  Dr. Baumlin’s contributions to the Public Affairs mission are many as evidenced by his collection of significant literary writings, research projects and student-led works which are impacting the educational footprint, history and well-being of our Ozarks community. 
The outcome of his teaching and public affairs passion may best be summarized by a past student who noted, “Dr. Baumlin inspired me to think of myself as a scholar, not just a student, and allowed me to understand how my education can be used to better my community.”  What is a better testament to Dr. Baumlin’s love of teaching and of public affairs.