Dr. Keri Franklin

As Director of Assessment, Assistant Professor of English and the founder and co-director of the Ozarks Writing Project, Dr. Keri Franklin, holds a strong vision for improving public education.  Her career focuses on teaching English writing education, training others to teach, and enriching the lives and educational studies of countless students.  In 2008, in what was a three year process, Dr. Franklin established MSU’s Ozarks Writing Project, making MSU one of only of 200 full sites representing the National Writing Project.  Whether it be in the classroom, her numerous leadership roles, program development, research or public policy advocacy, Dr. Franklin’s passion is to ensure we have a future filled with effective writers.  Modeling ethical leadership is at the cornerstone of her work as she creates meaningful and diverse student opportunities to learn, undertake research, and engage in their communities.  Congratulations to Dr. Keri Franklin!