Public Affairs Conference Advisory Committee 2022

Faculty Representatives College
Katelyn McCoy College of Agriculture
Lacy Sukovaty College of Agriculture
Maria Gerasimchuk-Djordjevic College of Arts & Letters
Radhika Kaula College of Business
Courtney Pham College of Business
Jamie Atkinson College of Education
Hassan Raza College of Education
Jordan Belisle College of Health and Human Services
Lyon Hough College of Health and Human Services
Jennifer LaPrade
College of Humanities and Public Affairs
Suzanne Walker-Pacheco
College of Humanities and Public Affairs
Albert Barreda College of Natural and Applied Sciences
Ron Malega College of Natural and Applied Sciences
Staff Representatives Unit
Benson, Tara Office of Student Engagement
Lisa McEowen Library Services
Kathy Nordyke
Citizenship and Service-Learning
Devin Schehrer Residence Life, Housing & Dining Services
Daezia Smith International Student Services
Emily Yeap University Communications
Student Representatives Organization
Rachel Anthonis Theater and Dance major
Cole Howerton GA for Office Public Affairs Support; Defense & Strategic Studies
Sarah Lashly       Student Activities Council 
Paul Schmieding GA for Public Affairs & Assessment; MBA
Ayreana Shephard     Student Activities Council
Community Representatives Organization
Scott Whiteley Carter MSU Alumni Association; City of Little Rock, Public Affairs & Creative Economy Advancement
Amanda Stadler MO Department of Mental Health - Housing
Lyndsey Strahan Ozarks Technical Community College
Ex-Officio Members  
Paige Jenkins Office of Student Engagement - SAC advisor
Keri Franklin Associate Provost, Public Affairs and Assessment
Shannon Wooden Provost Fellow for Public Affairs - Conference Chair; English Department
Stacey Trewatha-Bach Office of Public Affairs Support; Lead Conference Coordinator
Mary Ann Wood Director, Office of Public Affairs Support