Pillars of Public Affairs

Missouri State University’s statewide mission in public affairs was established on June 15, 1995, when Missouri Governor Mel Carnahan signed into law Senate Bill 340. The public affairs mission defines a primary way in which an education from Missouri State is different from that of other universities and one way by which we educate our students to imagine the future.

The public affairs mission has three pillars: ethical leadership, cultural competence and community engagement.

Ethical leadership

Goal: Students will articulate their value systems, act ethically within the context of a democratic society, and demonstrate engaged and principled leadership. (Adapted from the Center for Ethical Leadership)

Missouri State is preparing students for the future by helping them understand the ethical dimensions of leadership and take what they learn in the classrooms and use it to help solve problems and bring about change.

Cultural competence

Goal: Students will recognize and respect multiple perspectives and cultures.

Missouri State works to builds up students’ cultural knowledge in several ways. Through study abroad programs, interaction with international students and the opportunity to study different languages, histories and religions, students broaden their horizons, help build relationships and bring about better competition for the future.

Community Engagement

Goal: Students will recognize the importance of contributing their knowledge and experiences to their own community and the broader society.

Goal: Students will recognize the importance of scientific principles in the generation of sound public policy.

Community engagement lets students branch out and see how the world is working through a different lens, giving them the opportunity to work with their communities and build up their ability to lead in their careers.