Call for Public Affairs Fellow

Deadline October 16, 2023

Nominations now being accepted

2025-2026 Public Affairs Fellow. 

The primary responsibilities of the Public Affairs Fellow are to develop the annual public affairs theme for the 2025-2026 academic year and to serve as chair for the 2025 Public Affairs Conference with support provided by the Office of Public Affairs Support and the Conference Advisory Commiittee.  The selected individual will work closely with the Director of Public Affairs Support to develop a theme that will be of interest and embraced by the entire campus.  Theme development will start immediately upon the selection of the PA Fellow with the intent to incorporate this theme into as many campus activities and programs as possible. 


Nominees for the 2025-2026 Public Affairs Fellow should be: tenured in their academic department, committed to working with the Director of Public Affairs Support to develop a well-rounded, broad public affairs theme, and have the support of their department head and dean.  While it is not required, potential theme ideas may be submitted with candidate nominations. 

Compensation structure will be in consultation with Fellow, their Dean, Department Head, and the Director of Public Affairs Support. Although the appointment will be for one year, the person selected will be encouraged to shadow the proceeding year’s Public Affairs Fellow to gain an understanding of the full responsibilities of the position.


Interested nominees should submit a letter of interest outlining their experience, skills and ideas no later than 5 pm, October 16, 2023 to Mary Ann Wood, Director of Public Affairs Support at  


Questions regarding this position may be directed to Mary Ann Wood,